Elevated nature trail work parties at Adopt-A-Stream

Tom & Larry

Latest update on Elevated Nature Trail from AASF website

***  Update! The trail is now “complete” – finished except for some finishing details. However, Adopt-A-Stream can still use some volunteers to screw in a few thousand screws!  ***

Got some spare time?  Want to help create a wonderful “walk on the wild side?”

You can become one of the volunteer pathfinders of the Elevated Nature Trail at the Northwest Stream Center.  Team up with Marian Hanson who was instrumental in designing the beautiful trail route, and Larry Gearheard who is heading up the construction side of the boardwalk.

There is “heavy work,” “light work” and a lot “in between.”

Join us for some rewarding times in the woods and wetlands.  Volunteers Marian and Larry will be your guides and mentors as we progress from a rough trail to a beautifully finished raised boardwalk that will become the Elevated Nature Trail at the Northwest Stream Center.

Check your calendar and see if you have any free time, and give us a call and let us know if you can help us out.



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