Squire’s Landing Park Riparian Restoration


Planting work parties to be held through Spring 2017 to help restore Swamp Creek  

On Saturday, February 18 kids and adults were transported via canoe across Swamp Creek where they planted over 400 trees and shrubs that will be used to restore natural streamside vegetation benefitting salmon!  This project was one of multiple work parties, and is a partnership of the Adopt A Stream Foundation, the Sno-King Watershed Council, and the City of Kenmore. If you are interested in participating in future work parties, call the Adopt A Stream Foundation at 425-316-8592.

The objective of this volunteer effort is to establish native  plants next to Swamp Creek where the current vegetation is invasive reed canary grass.  Results have been great – over 800 trees were planted at the first two events in November and January. Over 3000 plants and trees will ultimately be planted at this site as part of this restoration project.

Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board funds were used to purchase the trees and shrubs and to prepare the Swamp Creek streamside area for for planting.


•Adopt A Stream Foundation – Tom Murdoch, 425-316-8592 (office) Walter Rung 425-231-0958 (on site)
•Sno-King Watershed Council – Eric Adman, 425-780-9731

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