Articles & Publications

King Conservation District Education Programs


Watershed Management for Salmon Recovery – A Reference Guide

Bugs and Stream Basin Health in King County

The State of Salmon (2016 Washington Governor’s Report)

The Streamkeeper’s Handbook (Canadian publication)

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Report Construction Stormwater Violations

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October 2014 Perrinville Creek Stormwater Flow Reduction Retrofit Study

[google-drive-embed url=”–fh-CvU3EQVB0d0NZS082YlBaeF9VYkN2TjFxTlI3VS1J&export=download” title=”7316_Perrinville Creek Study – Executive Summary October 2014.pdf” icon=”” style=”download”]

Fish and Wildlife in Mukilteo’s Japanese and Big Gulch

Wildlife Passage in Snohomish County: September 2010 to April 2011

Western Washington NPDES Phase I Stormwater Permit Final S8.D Data Characterization 2009-2013

This report characterizes results of monitoring of stormwater outfalls in large jurisdictions in Western Washington