Articles & Publications

King Conservation District Education Programs


Watershed Management for Salmon Recovery – A Reference Guide


Bugs and Stream Basin Health in King County


The State of Salmon (2016 Washington Governor’s Report)


The Streamkeeper’s Handbook (Canadian publication)

Streamkeeper's Guide.pdf

Report Construction Stormwater Violations

Stormwater Activism 101 How to Report Construction Violations.docx

October 2014 Perrinville Creek Stormwater Flow Reduction Retrofit Study

7316_Perrinville Creek Study - Executive Summary October 2014.pdf

Fish and Wildlife in Mukilteo’s Japanese and Big Gulch


Wildlife Passage in Snohomish County: September 2010 to April 2011


Western Washington NPDES Phase I Stormwater Permit Final S8.D Data Characterization 2009-2013

This report characterizes results of monitoring of stormwater outfalls in large jurisdictions in Western Washington