Sno-King Watershed Council

Finished stream restoration- North Seattle - JIm Freese (2)- SnoKingThe Sno-King Watershed Council came about after meetings in Kenmore and Lake Forest Park regarding a stream flowing into Lake Washington.  This stream, designated 08-0056, or known as Tschet Schatl or Little Creek, flows into Lake Washington in Log Boom Park in Kenmore.  These meetings incorporated people from local government and environmental organizations.  At these meetings, Tom Murdoch of the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation suggested the groups band together to work on collective watershed issues, and the Sno-King Watershed Council was born!  The Sno-King Watershed Council is … a group of friends, all connected, working on common goals to improve water quality and restore salmon runs.  What we do: mobilize people for your issues, write letters, provide  links to your website, put you on our collective letterhead, give you more “clout”, share success stories, share data and resources. Our hope is that by sharing expert resources, knowledge, and successes, we can all become stronger and achieve our goals….which are – water safe for our kids to play in, preserving our quality of life, and getting some salmon back in our streams.