Ironwood site clearing commences

Despite SKWC’s Superior Court appeal of the Hearing Examiner and County Council decisions regarding the Ironwood development, Pacific Ridge has commenced clearing the site.

The County Council did not have authority to rule on the SEPA issues of our appeal, such as using Pollution Generating Impervious Surfaces for water quality treatment in bioretention ponds and wetland issues. The County Council ruled only on plat development issues.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to stop the destruction resulting from site clearing without putting up a significant amount of bond money. SKWC intends to vigorously pursue its appeal in Superior Court. If we prevail, Pacific Ridge will be required to remove any construction put up between now and then. Unfortunately, this will not restore the trees and vegetation that will be cleared or the harm caused by land disturbing activity.

Please let the County Council ( and the County Executive ( know about your displeasure with their part in allowing this bad project to proceed before SEPA appeal issues can be fairly ruled on by a judge.

This is a sad day for Snohomish County residents who care about the environment.