No to the 14th Ave W Extension: Additional Talking Points

Please speak at the County Council Zoom meeting, March 24, 2021 at 9:00 am and tell the Council that you oppose this unnecessary and unwise project. You may make a comment of up to 3 minutes before the council. Log into the Zoom meeting and follow their directions to put yourself in the queue to speak. Zoom meeting link:

You may use these talking points to craft your own comments. Thank you for showing up and speaking up!

  • Project is not justified
    • No data to justify need for project
    • No traffic study or accident study
    • Expensive
    • Will not add to Level Of Service (LOS) for road
  • Public has not been informed that project is imminent
    • Project website not updated
    • No neighborhood outreach
    • Parties of record not notified
  • SEPA analysis has not been performed
    • SEPA analysis is required prior to adoption of a non-action plan
    • Purchasing property now makes assumption that SEPA DNS is a given
    • Unlikely to pass a SEPA review
  • Mitigation in completely different watershed is a bad idea
    • Project will increase stormwater runoff to Swamp Creek
    • Swamp Creek watershed is already heavily impacted by stormwater runoff from development
    • Mitigation in Little Bear Creek watershed does not help Swamp Creek
  • It will impact the City of Kenmore
    • City of Kenmore has spent millions on property acquisition, and over $100,000 annually dealing with downstream flooding and sediment removal.
    • This will add to stormwater management problems for Kenmore
  • Environmental & wildlife impacts will be large
    • Project will destroy Type 2 wetlands
    • A major wildlife corridor will be disrupted
    • WDFW Priority habitat species area will be destroyed
  • Community & neighborhood impacts will be large
    • Road will bisect quiet neighborhoods
    • Added noise, traffic, reduced safety for neighborhood residents
    • Reduced sound buffer from Kenmore Gun Range
    • Increased traffic past Forsgren Park, currently has 25 mph speed limit

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